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Das Tor & Capitale is now FREE

Written for his own classroom use by an MFL teacher with many years' experience as Head of Department in an 11-18 comprehensive school, Das Tor contains dozens of original items intended to support the teaching and learning of German and covering all levels of the UK National Curriculum. Many have associated worksheets in Adobe Acrobat format.


The material is accessed through web pages. Adobe Flash and other authoring tools are used to create the content. Many items are designed for use with data projector and (if available) interactive whiteboard. Many are versatile enough for both whole class use in this way and also individual use on a network.


Das Tor is available on CD for the cost of only postage and packaging - currently £2.00. Das Tor may be used directly from the CD on any computer with browser and Flash plug-in (Windows, Macintosh, Linux too), or the contents may be copied to a hard drive or network server.

It is now distributed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA licence.


It contains over 75 German resources and over 45 worksheets.

Note: Adobe Flash has gone through many versions and is no longer as popular for web applications as it was. I cannot guarantee that all resources will work without tweaking your Flash security settings.


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