is a FREE little program which helps intermediate learners to learn German strong and irregular verbs. Here are some of its features in brief:

  • runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux;
  • runs in web browser or from a standalone program (Windows and Mac);
  • concentrates on the base verbs, from which many compounds are formed;
  • any combination of these four parts can be tested: present, simple past, perfect, meaning;
  • easy selection of parts to test;
  • test in alphabetical sequence or at random;
  • answer displayed at click of button/touch of a key
  • control by mouse or keyboard;
  • instant switch between two displays: big uncluttered basics or fuller information including examples and related verbs;
  • user-editable data file - make your own test lists, instructions supplied;
  • option to load alternative data files when the program starts;
  • option to keep score and flag verbs for retest;
  • links to web pages here on Das Tor with much more info on each verb;
  • documentation supplied, (and author will help if needed!);
  • bonus program to print verb lists and tests: ReverbPrint.

ReVerb is now released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike licence (CC BY-NC-SA), which means that others can remix, tweak, and build upon it non-commercially, as long as they credit me (Jim Flewker) and license their new creations under the identical terms. It can be supplied on CD, and then be copied to any location.

The only charge is for p+p for the CD which is currently £2.00 per CD.

If I've managed to confuse you or you've any other questions, just e-mail me or .

How to Pay: You can pay by old-fashioned cheque or you can send me the money through PayPal - though at the moment only if you have a PayPal account. So you can e-mail me an order and go on PayPal and send the money to: email

Additional Options

Watch the Demo Movie!

No demo software is available (after all, the cost of real thing is minimal) but here is a movie (5.7 MB) showing most features.

Movie notes: the movie has no sound and is reduced in size and quality for web use. ReVerb can be resized to any size in actual use with no loss of sharpness. Just one other thing: the mouse pointer is used in the movie to indicate which controls are being used, but most of the actual controlling was done with the keyboard alternatives!

Review of ReVerb

You can google the online review in Deutsch Lehren und Lernen!

Contact Me

If you have any enquiries or to order ReVerb, please .


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